Spot on a dancers life

For this blogpost I have decided to interview a professional dancer, who is also a vegetarian from birth with great cooking skills and a passionated body mover. The reason why I want to share this with you, is because I find it very inspiring how Laura lives her life in a fine balance between the amount of training in her daily life and her choice of nutrition. This is the first interview of many to come. I hope you enjoy it!


About Laura:

Laura was brought up by two yoga instructors and have been doing yoga since she was a kid. Growing up in Copenhagen she learned to bike everywhere everyday and had different active interests. In her late teens she started dancing Hip Hop and her dancing started influencing every part of her life. Later Laura also started training classical styles and she took a dance education in Denmark and travelled to Paris, London, Amsterdam to research, train and battle in the underground dance scene. In 2012 she travelled to New York City to attend a dance education, and explore the roots of Hip Hop history. Throughout her career she has been working on projects such as Copenhagen Choreographers Competition, as a dancer for singer-songwriter Cecilie Beck, Interactive Mob, Basic Emotions, ANEK music video, she has been directing/choreographing/dancing in her own creations such as being main choreographer for musical “Happiness is a warm gun”, co-founder of “Laurasia”, co-founder of “Grounded view” ect. Since 2014 Laura has been getting into teaching.


I asked Laura what she is inspired by, moving vise: “The last couple of years I have been focussing on building floorwork movement. I have been training capoeira, physical training, played with combining tecniques and momentum-use from lofting, Hip Hop, break, yoga and flexibilty. Floorwork is extremely physical and the ability to be smooth and controlled, acquires strength, flexibilty and momentum.”

Is your choise of nutrition connected to your physical lifestyle? I am thinking about having enough energy, restoring and rebuilding your body, using anti-inflamatory foods, superfoods and so on ….?

“Definitely! For me it is logic. If you want to put more than usual strain on your body, you need to be very wise about what you are putting into it. I’m very happy about my parents choice of my vegetarian upbringing. Sure, it requires knowledge of nutrition in general, but as I see it, it’s equal for all diets. Just because you eat meat, doesn’t mean you get all the nutrients your specific body needs. For me all elements of life is about finding balance, in your body, in your psyche, in your soul. We all have a responsibilty to investigate and find a optimal diet that fits your lifestyle. That is also why I have chosen not to consume alcohol. It effects the training for many days, because the body is using a lot of energy on detoxing. 

So what kind of specific foods do you use to maintain your lifestyle?

“I mix my own granola which contains oatmeal, raisins, sea buckthorn, inca berries, blueberry powder, almonds, cashews, coconut flakes, dates, dried abricots, cacao nips, lucuma powder, goji berries and pumpkin seeds. The night before I always put chia seeds in almond milk and I eat it with the granola in the morning and I add homemade Kefir, some kind of fresh fruit and more almond milk. That’s my breakfirst with a bowl of Matcha tea on the side. That’s my most important meal, it gives me a strong base of energy for the day. For other meals or snacks, I’m a big fan of the Danish rye bread with somekind of spread.”

Nice Laura, and thanks for the granola recipe.


I would like you to deepen your comment about finding balance in all elements of your life. It’s a holistic way of living which I also try to live by. So how are all these elements connected and balanced in you life?

“For me health doesn’t start and end with nutrition. It’s a VERY important element yes, but after that, as I said, comes the balance in your mental and spiritual life. Having energy is also a mental thing. We, as humans, effect each other so much. We have all experienced others bringing us down or uplifting us, simply by sharing energy in the same space. I think it’s important to be reflective about what energy you share with the people you surround yourself with, and how you process experiences by the end of a day.”

Here at last, I would like you to share one good advice. Something you have learned and would like to share with us?

“FIND BALANCE AND TRUST YOURSELF. It’s a two in one but they are connected. In my opinion you cannot trust yourself if you are not in a constant sensitive process of maintaining balance. But if you are balanced, your feelings, intuition and natural instinct will most likely show you the right way for you.”

GREAT advice! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and oppinions. It was a pleasure.

If you want more information about Laura please follow these links:

Lauras artist website

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® teacher website


Photography on this post:

Gold and Forrest photos of Laura are taken by IsthisART

Portraits by Saori Tsubaki


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