The website where I find a lot of the information that i share under NUTRITION FACTS, are from David Wolfe‘s Longevity Warehouse website.
Here you can buy raw superfoods, herbs, books etc….. You can hear audio interviews and see videos with great information about new technology, nutrition, herbs, healing of the body etc… If you think this is interesting you should definitely check it out:

Dave Aspreys Youtube channel The Bulletproof Executive. Here i find a lot of inspiring interviews and learning about how to to Bio-Hack your body.

And Dara Dubinets‘ Youtube channel is inspirational if you want to be more raw and learn great and easy recipes and watch interresting interviews.

EXTREME HEALTH RADIOs’ Youtube channel is a lot of videos with interviews with interesting people like David Wolfe, Dr. Robert Cassar… etc…

Dr. Mercola is also a MD who’s website and videos also are very interesting and informative. Check out his website HERE.
Another very inspirational person, whom i’ve learned a lot from, is Dr. Robert Cassar.  You can check him out at Earth Shift Projects Youtube channel here: EARTH SHIFT PROJECT.

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